A Celebration of Chicago's Bad Ass Womyn

by: MeliyArt Graphik

by: MeliyArt Graphik


We’ve illuminated Black femmes…

since day one and as we step our way into Spring, we ask "won't you celebrate with me?" The Divine Feminine: A Celebration of Chicago's Badass Womyn was created to honor and uplift the magnanimous contributions by femmes of color in the Chicago area. This space is intended for feeding the mind, body + spirit, and for celebrating what is The Divine Feminine: love, intuition, creativity, harmony, beauty, healing and wholeness.

The Divine Feminine: A Celebration of Chicago's Badass Womyn

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Currency Exchange Cafe/BING

4pm  Welcome + Cocktails at BING

5pm  Dinner + Recognition

7pm  Afterparty

Performance by:

Christian JaLon

Vendors Market

With this program, we will launch fundraising for the annual Femme Noire Award. The Femme Noire Award is a grant program established by the Party Noire Collective + SOLAR House Studio intended to offer a financial gift to a deserving femme of color in the creative industry. DJs, space makers, + event curators building community thru art or events aligned with the Party Noire mission of creating safe space for Black womyn, femmes + LGBTQ folk are eligible for the award. Tickets for this event are donation based and include the option to directly impact our community through the Femme Noire Award, to be gifted in June 2018. Your support above the base ticket price of $20 will help launch this economic platform for Black womyn + femmes to catalyze an awardee's skill development + creative practice. Funds raised during this program along with a portion of the proceeds of our Spring events will go toward amplifying our commitment to creating space + platforms for Black womyn + femmes, establishing our inaugural grant award program.

This year’s program is inspired by the work of powerhouse poet, Lucille Clifton.

won’t you celebrate with me

what i have shaped into

a kind of life? i had no model.

born in babylon both nonwhite and woman

here on this bridge between

what did i see to be except myself? i made it up starshine and clay,

with me that everyday

my one hand holding tight my other hand; come celebrate something has tried to kill me

and has failed.

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