The #‎PartyNoire community is an inclusive cultural hub celebrating Black femmes, QWOC, + Black womynhood along the gender spectrum + holds space especially for queer, trans + genderqueer and gender non-conforming Black people. We create experiences + intentional space for uplifting + affirming the lives of Black womyn. 

When in this intersectional orbit of #BlackJoy, our space, love, uplift and make SPACE for ALL Black Joy. Co-Founders Nick and Rae are divinely connected in their mission to affirm, uplift and celebrate Black womanhood along the gender spectrum. Welcome, home. 


Nick AlderRae Chardonnay





August 3 :: Party Noire at Waydown :: Chicago

August 8 :: Black Joy Ride- QTPOC Crew Bike Ride :: Chicago

August 16 :: ACTIVATE- A.K.A. Power House :: Chicago

August 18 :: Party Noire Presents Black Eutopia :: Chicago

August 29 ::  Black Joy Ride- QTPOC Crew Bike Ride :: Chicago

September 3 :: Party Noire Turns Three Anniversary Party :: Chicago